The Marriage Alphabet

Building a strong one can be as simple as A, B, C.

Working with Vicki has changed my life! Literally! In every aspect.  I’ve been through rigorous counseling sessions, rehashing painful memories and it was exhausting and I began to somewhat avoid it.  Now, I am so grateful for the gift Vicki has and gain great benefit from each session and love the fact that I can use what she has taught me every single day.


Now that I have had time to process it all, I’m so thankful you made me into a sobbing mess!  It was so great to get rid of all that crap and I know where I still need to focus my energy.  You really do have a gift for this!


I am doing what you taught me and think I am feeling “lifted” and more relational.  Once again you are a God-send!


Reflexology has helped me to my core, not only with the relaxation part of it, but I have noticed that my physical body is feeling better!


What can I say … Wow, you have such gently loving hands that can take the tension that is built inside of me away in an hour session…and when you say, I’m done … I’m soooo relaxed I do not want you to stop.  Your soft, caring, voice, the smell of the oils in the room, is so soothing, I never thought the stress and pain that I was experiencing could be taken away by the touch of your hands.  Vicki, you have such gift.


Having a little knowledge about reflexology was, I am certainly a major supporter of Vicki’s work.  It was very relaxing and a great way to de-stress after a long day of work.  Especially because I am on my feet for most of the day.  I would recommend Vicki to anyone.


“I love the simple yet profound messages conveyed in this beautiful little book, The Marriage Alphabet.”


The Marriage Alphabet is a must read for all married couples.  I cannot believe how accurate Vicki and Tom are in their words!!  My husband and I were blown away!!  A perfect gift for the person who has everything! ”


The Marriage Alphabet is a great idea!

It contains basic truths that we need to be reminded of often to be successful in marriage and all relationships. The letter Y is our favorite!  It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day living and forget how we started out as a couple.  It’s comforting to hear that’s not gone – we just need to reconnect!”

Joe and Carolyn

“The Marriage Alphabet is simple and poignant.”


“‘Out of the River’ is Vicki Dau’s touching and powerful book that is a “hand of hope” offered to help others out of their own murky rivers and onto the banks of freedom and love alongside the Giver and Restorer of Life. Vicki tells her story with an honest vulnerability and simplicity, similar to the style of Max Lucado.”

Rose Calkins, Author, Publisher, Editor, and
Founder of The DuPage Writers Group


“‘Out of the River‘ provides an inspirational metaphor for our need of redemption and salvation. As we find ourselves

in situations that seem normal and yet are unhealthy, we often scramble to try to make things right. Our efforts remain fruitless as we find that the unhealthy situation is just too big. This book gives us direction and answers in how to begin this process of healing, health and self-advocacy through Jesus Christ.”

Trevor Simpson, LCPC, Youth and Family Therapist,
School Counselor


“This book would be good for anyone trying to pull themselves up out of hardship, eg., from poverty, trauma, or trying circumstances where you feel stuck. A great inspiration & help!”

Dr. Terry Neary, Clinical Psychologist and Certified Addictions Counselor


“I knew in my head that God loved me, but missed the peace that came with that knowledge…Until now.”


“Everyday I read one of your Stations of Hope.
Christ’s words and our responses to them come alive in each one”


“They make me more aware of the one on one relationship we have with Him
and the lessons we can take and live by from His Word!”


“Beautifully written! As I prayed the Stations of Hope, I felt like I was walking with Jesus, side by side, true friends. I felt a new level of freedom. I am confident that many will experience healing and a deepening of God’s love for them. I suspect their hope will be renewed, their faith invigorated and they come to realize a new level of freedom in Jesus Christ. Thank you Vicki. Praise and thanks be to God!”


“The Stations of Hope are beautiful prayers centered on our Church’s greatest mystery, the great love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  These prayers are recommended for all who have suffered spiritually, physically or emotionally as they bring one deeper into healing love that comes from faith in the cross and surrender of Christ.  These prayers will help us to love and Trust Jesus more.” 


Working with Vicki was an amazing experience.  Her manner was professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, KIND!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Vicki is that rare combination of strong, gentle and skilled which makes her a BRILLIANT coach.  She has consistently held a deep space for my healing transformation.


Elynn Light