Get in this century please

So my last post was about the things I love about being Catholic. This is about one of the things I don’t like. We went to mass in a town about 25 min from us after an event I attended. The church was packed but all of the music was not from this century! Literally. 

And that is how most churches are. The organ or piano pounding out the notes written by a guy born in 1650. 

So I said to my husband. We now have electrics lights and cars that run with gas and even electric cars-why can’t mass be upbeat and current ?! Tastes change. Fashion changes. It’s no wonder the younger generation doesn’t like to go to mass. And Teen masses once a month aren’t cutting it either! 

Please please please get in this century! I don’t believe it is sacrilegious or disrespectful to have music with a beat that you can dance to. King David danced all the time in worship to the Lord. Perhaps Catholics wouldn’t be flocking to other worship services if we made some updates. 

Can I get an Amen? 

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