Top 10 things I love about being Catholic

Even though the title of my website is Clear the Catholic Guilt, it doesn’t mean I don’t practice my faith. I just wanted to be released from the negativity and incorrect messages that I picked up over the years, lots of it having to do with guilt- you know the phrase, “Good ole’ Catholic Guilt” which is usually  followed with a chuckle. Laughing about feeling guilty…that part doesn’t jive with me.

So I wanted to list the things I love about being Catholic:  churchd-20

  1. The Universality.  I LOVE that when we travel, we can find a mass within minutes of where we are.
  2. The Uniqueness of each parish.  I LOVE that when we travel, we can find a mass within minutes of  where we are and though I can expect pretty similar things, it is fun to experience the personality of each individual parish.
  3. Lots of opportunities to attend.  No matter where you are, chances are you can make a mass on Saturday night and have multiple options on Sunday.
  4. There’s a bond there.  When I say I am Catholic, no doubt about 75% of the room claims or claims to have once been Catholic.  Because my mission is to help heal the wounds damaged Catholics have, I don’t have to go to far to find them. (which I guess isn’t necessarily a good thing either. I guess I’ll have to list this in the “My top 10 things I don’t like about being Catholic” post next)
  5. There’s lots of us.  Like I said above, about 75% of the where I am are practicing or were once practicing Catholics.
  6. It’s The First One.  Though there are many Christian denominations and churches out there that branched out of the Protestant movement, doing great things, there is only one church started by Jesus Christ himself.
  7. There are graces for just showing up.  Due to the nature of the sacraments, which are God’s gift of grace to us, we can just show up to Confession, show up to mass and still get benefit.  This was a great consolation as a mother of 7 who spent much of mass in the narthex with active little ones as they were growing up.
  8. We have great parties connected to the sacraments.  I loved hosting and attending parties after First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings, etc.  My husband and I renew our vows every 5 years after a mass and then have a celebration after.
  9. Something for everyone.  Depending on your personality and interests, there is an opportunity for you to grow and live out your personal faith.  If you are into social justice, evangelization or worship, to name a few, you can find ways and groups that you can connect with.
  10. True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  Like He said in John 6: 52-69.  I love receiving his body into my body at mass and also just sitting with Him at adoration.

So those are my favorite things about being Catholic.  What are yours?  Please reply and let me know if we have anything the same.

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