That doesn’t jive with me

I struggle with some things in the Catholic Church.  Things, but probably more accurately, things that people do.  I’ve decided to vent with the topic title, “The Doesn’t Jive.” It’s crap like this that turns people away from the church.  BUT…the church is a God-made entity with human beings running it. I believe we must remember they are human, however there must be accountability for behavior. A couple of things that I jotted down last Saturday night as I wondered WHY…

…The authority of our parish consistently preaches about getting to mass early and clockimagesstaying through the  last song BUT one of the priests more often than not starts mass 3-4 minutes late?  That doesn’t jive!


…People in charge of teach high school kids how to pray silently BUT immediately turn on music?  That painmandoesn’t jive!


…I find most of the messages I hear preached about money are negative- it is the root of all evil, we shouldn’t love it, debt is bad, BUT they are always asking us for it!  That doesn’t jive!

This stuff being said, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that we have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with our Lord and Savior in order for us to discern our course of action.  Yes, people do things within the church that don’t jive, but that doesn’t mean we stop having a relationship with HIM.  THAT doesn’t jive at all.

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